About the club

The Eastern Ontario Natural History Society

The Eastern Ontario Natural History Society (EONS) acts as a meeting ground for a wide range of people interested in all subjects of the natural sciences.

The Eastern Ontario Natural History Society (EONS) supports education on diverse topics in the natural science with a specific focus on deep time, the history of life and natural sciences. We aim to be valuable to all ages and experience levels from professional scientists to those who have noticed these things for the first time.

EONS has been active in that Ottawa area for over twenty years. By learning about the past we can conceive of the present differently - as a world of "living fossils" still in creation.

Club activities include:

Fall/Winter Speakers series: The club organises several guest speakers a year on subjects in the natural sciences. Our relatively small size allows more detailed and accesible exploration of these topics as well as chances to ask questions of the experts.

Summer field trips: The club recognises the importance of field work in the context of science. We generally have a beginner fossil field trip in the local area for people to build their skills and an intermediate field trip to the surrounding area as well. In addition we have field trips to explore living environments in the context of biology/ecology and natural history.

Freeform meetings providing room for shorter presentations on ongoing topics, fossil identifications and a chance for people to get to know each other. This allows new members to rapidly build knowledge and experienced members to discuss topics of interest in greater detail.