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12. It is EONS/SPO’s responsibility to maintain and keep any membership information or personal data confidential, unless express consent to divulge such information has been previously granted by said member.
12.1 Operating information:
12.1.1 - Internally, operating information will be made available to all members of the society's executive to ensure continuity and redundancy.
12.1.2 - The society will retain the submitted names and contact information of society members, along with information regarding their membership type (individual, student, family) and membership term.
12.1.3 - Participation in meetings of the society's executive (including the annual general meeting) may lead to the open publication of full names or initials as part of the society's minutes and associated with the roll-call, motions, comments or letters submitted.
12.1.4 - Documents or letters submitted to the society's executive, executive meetings must be explicitly marked as private by the sender (in both the title of the e-mail/document file name and the body of the document); otherwise it will be assumed that they are to be appended to the meeting minutes and distributed.
12.1.5 No personal information will be collected that is not required for the society’s operation or the requirements of the CCFMS (i.e. the Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies) and its insurance company: The CCFMS will at no time publish or display any personal information on a website without the consent of the person(s) involved. Consent may consist of written, verbal, email consent or the appearance of such information on websites other than the CCFMS website or in newsletters sent to the CCFMS.
12.2 Self-submitted information:
12.2.1 Information, photographs, or other materials to the society's website of social media pages is the responsibility of the member making the submission. The act of submitting the information is considered to indicate responsibility of the submitter for the publication and display of the information.
12.2.2 The submitter will take responsibility to ensure that any material or photographs uploaded to the website is done with consideration to the wishes of any individuals involved, and will obtain their permission.
12.3 Accessing and removing information:
12.3.1 Any individual may request in writing what information the society is maintaining about them. If a request is made by a person to remove his/her personal information the society's operating information, the society's executive will ensure that the information is destroyed. The exception are official minutes from the society's executive meetings which will be kept unaltered excepted for the substitution of the participating individual's name with a pseudonym or initials of their choice.
12.3.2 If an individual wishes to have content removed which they have submitted to the society's website or social media pages it is considered that they have some responsibility for assisting in identifying and deleting the content in question. Furthermore, website content may be retained in backups of the website and the society may encrypt backups rather than deleting the information if it is deemed expedient.
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We may occasionally send bulk e-mails about Eastern Ontario Natural History Society / Société Paleontologique d'Ottawa, or matters relating to Paleontology and natural sciences club operating out of Ottawa - Gatineau to our members. We will not send bulk e-mails or allow others to send bulk e-mails, which we believe would be considered spam.

We will not share private details other than what can be seen in the forum profile and public postings unless legally required to do so.

The staff reserve the right to read any Private Topics and posts placed on this website. Any form of conversation made through this website should be considered viewable by staff. All private-posts and posts, whether 'deleted' or not, are stored on the server and may be reviewed if we feel we have cause for an investigation. If you do want to keep something private, do not use our services for transmitting it. Situations involving investigations can be anything at our discretion, for example, to investigate specific incidents of our services being used for racism or harassment.

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